For our second installment of Robe Talk, we caught up with Mattiel of the band Mattiel. While Mattiel made one of our favorite records of 2022, she's also a captivating visual artist. We checked in with her to see how she keeps both muscles strong in this edition.

Tell us a little bit about yourself: what do you do for a living? Or what has been your life journey so far?

I started out as an art director / graphic designer for a tech company, and then found my way into the music business as a songwriter and vocalist… so my journey has been pretty surprising and unexpected for me. I’m known more now as a musician, but I love making visual work just as much as I love music and I try to keep both muscles strong.

What are ways you find inspiration when you’re not feeling creative?

Lately, when I feel stuck or I have writer’s block, I’ve been cooking and figuring out new dishes to make. It’s relaxing, rewarding, and just feels good to be eating fresh ingredients. And cooking is also a creative medium, so I guess maybe I just like to switch mediums when one isn’t working. Kind of like an exercise routine where you work one part of the body, and then switch to another throughout your workout. You can’t just keep doing push-ups forever. You need combinations and variety to get through it.

As both a musical and visual artist, how do you feel like the process of each medium informs the other?

There are two ways people are introduced to music. One is just by hearing it, and the other is from visual impact and marketing. When I conceptualize the artwork for my album covers, I feel like the sonic landscape informs the visuals. The music comes first. And then when the artwork is finished, and the visual theme is established, it’s there to act as the vehicle to carry the music to the people. And if people hear it on the radio first before they even see the artwork, that’s great. Because I already know the music is good. But I always consider the first impression my artwork has on the viewer / listener, too. The artwork is there to grab your attention.

How do you interact with your home? What is your favorite room in your house and why?

Currently I’m living between Berlin and Tuscany, with a short stay in Georgia for the holidays, so I’m kind of a nomad at the moment. But in any case, in any home, my favorite room right now is the kitchen. It’s where I socialize, make good food (as I said earlier) and can take a break from the pressures of my career. My dream is to buy a house in cash and do a lot of the cosmetic work myself, as far as tiling and designing each space within the home. And I especially like having one good toaster, one good blender, one good tea kettle, and good knives. I can’t stand a dull knife. Things that are made to last are very important to me and I’ve collected a lot of those things over the years.

What are some self care practices you find helpful?

Every morning I have a routine that’s admittedly a little bit *glamourous* haha!

I really enjoy the time I have to myself when I’m getting ready for the day. I have a quick 15 min makeup / hair routine but it’s very important to me. I love skincare, too. I’m a big fan of Aesop, Malin + Goetz, Weleda, and Dr. Hauschka. I even take the time to do this while I’m on tour.. which is challenging because there’s lots of early wake-up calls and late nights. Having that routine is what keeps me feeling like myself. And baths if there’s a bathtub!!!

Have you ever considered yourself a robe person?

Yes! I travel with robes and when there’s a robe at a hotel it’s extra special to me. If I’m not quite ready to get dressed for the day, but I also don’t want to be in pajamas, I have a few robes just to wear around the house. It’s basically my favorite type of lounge-wear.

What’s your favorite Great Indoors robe pattern?

Alber. But it’s hard to choose.. they’re all beautiful. And I’m super into green lately, so the color palette is awesome. And it reminds me of the great outdoors but I get to stay on the couch.