After extensive touring with her band across the United States, singer/songwriter Pearl Charles was kind enough to chat with us from her desert abode near Joshua Tree.

Tell us a little bit about yourself: what do you do for a living? Or what has been your life journey so far?

My name is Pearl Charles, I was born and raised in Los Angeles, but am currently living in the Joshua Tree area with boyfriend and collaborator Michael Rault. I am primarily a singer/songwriter, though I dabble in various other creative and professional pursuits.

What are ways you find inspiration when you’re not feeling creative?

I’ve actually really honed in recently on the fact that I need to be home for an extended period of time without too many social or professional distractions to get into the zone I need to be in to do my creative work, so I just try to not be too hard on myself when I’m out on the road or just really busy with other life obligations and not feeling inspired.

What activities (indoor or outdoor) are most important to you?

I’d say my favorite two activities probably are working on music and thrifting/antiquing, but I also love watching movies and tv shows, reading and listening to podcasts and as a Taurus eating good food is tantamount. I guess all of that makes me sound like somewhat of a homebody. I do love traveling and being in nature too, maybe with some psychedelics?

How do you interact with your home? What is your favorite room in your house and why?

Our house is more of a studio than a house sometimes, it’s filled to the brim with instruments in pretty much every room and we’re constantly doing photo shoots or video shoots here as well, so it’s definitely a space for creating as well as relaxing and I love how seamless it is to transition from one thing to the other depending on how I’m feeling.

What are some self care practices you find helpful?

I find that the most important thing for self care is simply taking the time to rest when it’s necessary, I know I forget to do that so often and then wonder why I’m so exhausted! I find having that reset is crucial for the creative process.

Have you ever considered yourself a robe person?

Definitely, my dad was a robe guy, so I think it must be genetic!

What’s your favorite Great Indoors robe pattern?

I personally dig the Spectre, but I love them all! Maybe I’m just partial because I used that word in a lyric in a new song!