For this edition of Robe Talk, we chatted with an old friend currently residing in London. Our paths first crossed when Connor met Raissa and her husband Ian in Glasgow as they were working to promote The Nude Party's first gigs in Scotland. After a long night (and morning) of dancing to Motown classics, it was easy to see kindred spirits in each other. We've admired her work since then and have been excited to watch her growth as an artist over the past years.

Tell us a little bit about yourself: what do you do for a living? Or what has been your life journey so far?

Hello Great Indoors lovers, I’m Raissa Pardini - creative, musician and all music things addicted. I studied design but havebeen in bands, working in record shops, labels, DJing around for quite some time before I urged the feeling to go back to my design path. I somehow combined them both a few years ago and surprisingly worked.

What are ways you find inspiration when you’re not feeling creative?

I go out and take tons of photos. Of color combos, of graphical shadows on walls, of foreigner supermarkets products, of lovers, stories, buildings, architecture. I also look at books. And PS, if todays isn’t the day - I might just try tomorrow if I’m able to!

What activities (indoor or outdoor) are most important to you?

Going for gigs, exhibitions, live London as its fullest. Long walks around town are always my favourite.

How do you interact with your home? What is your favorite room in your house and why?

I started feeling home when I started buying furnitures. Some of the design pieces I have come from my old studio. My home has a combination of thousands of records and books and simple, design staples.

My favourite room changes with my needs. The music area would definitely be the living room with records and instruments. I read on my bed though (usually) so reading time feel cosier there.

What are some self care practices you find helpful?

Deeply thinking while walking with nowhere to go.

Have you ever considered yourself a robe person?

Yes! Italian people are obsessed with robes : )

What’s your favorite Great Indoors robe pattern?

The one I have for my robe, the Alber!